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Double Bass and Soprano (with violin and piano) by Patrick Neher
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Septembering Arms for soprano, double bass, violin, and piano (2003). Seven arts songs of E.E. Cummings including: My Father, Your Eyes, Accept!, Littles Birds, When Serpents Bargain, O-it's Spring!, and Animal Without a Heart. Each song can be performed individually, or in sets. Violin on two, piano in 5, just bass and voice in 2. Accept and Your Eyes can be purchased seperately. Wide range of emotional content. A deeply popular, commissioned work. 7-10
312 $45.00

Double Bass, Soprano and Piano by Giovanni Bottesini
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Seven Romantic Songs for Soprano, Double Bass, and Piano   An exclusive arrangement of original Bottesini songs. Includes: Tutto il Mundo Serra, Canta Roberto!, Retourner a la Paix de Champs, E'il Pianto del mio Cor!, Une Bouche Aimeé, Guardami Ancor!, Un Bacio Solo
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7-9 CD4 is FREE if you buy this sheet music GB3 $42.00

Double Bass, Violin, Soprano, and Tenor by Patrick Neher
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The Frog Prince Continued...  (1996) for soprano, tenor, violin, d.bass Based on the children's book by Jon Scieszka. Lyrical, fun, dramatic, apx 18 min (See/hear example)   8 cd1 310 $35.00

Cello and Soprano by Daniel Gall:

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The William Blake Collection. Six Songs for Violoncello and Soprano. (2000) Beautifully lyrical settings of the poetry of William Blake by a young, inspired composer, in an unusual combination. Wonderful repertory for both. 2 scores.

  6 DG1 $15.00

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