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ISG Publications    Compositions for Cello (solo or with cello, orchestra, soprano, violin)
See also Ensembles (Trio, Quintets, Septet, etc)

Tom Benjamin  Daniel Gall   Jon Jeffrey Grier  Sojourner Hodges  Kari Henrik  Juusela  Liz Malys  Jeff McAuley  Patrick Neher  Haskell Small  Donald Wheelock

Cello Solo by Tom Benjamin
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Gestures for Cello Solo (1975). A full-range solo that explores melodic and quick jumping figures. Lots of cross-string arpeggiated chords and scherzo sections.   7 TB1 $7.00

Cello and Soprano by Daniel Gall:
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The William Blake Collection. Six Songs for Violoncello and Soprano. (2000) Beautifully lyrical settings of the poetry of William Blake by a young, inspired composer, in an unusual combination. Wonderful repertory for both. 2 scores.

  6 DG1 $15.00

Cello Duet by Jon Jeffrey Grier
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Contra-Dances for Two Cellos (2003).A wonderfully energetic piece in three movements, utilizing the entire range of the cellos. Dancy and lyrical (examples)

 7 jjg1 $18.60

Cello Solo by Sojourner Hodges

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Arcturus for Solo Cello (2002). A short, lyrical and sensitive yet varied work by a young composer. (See/hear example)   7 soj1 $8.00

Cello Solo by Kari Henrik Juusela:
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Apollo and Daphne for cello solo (1987). apx 5 min. quick harmonics, double stops, glissandi, dance-like, very idiomatic writing for the cello. (See/hear example)   7

KHJ1 $7.00

Cello Duet by Kari Henrik Juusela:
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Add to Cart
Fado, for two cellos. Based on the Portuguese "fado" music. Mystical, rhythmic, lyrical, modern romantic sounds. Equal challenge to both parts.
(See/hear example)

KHJ2 $8.50
Cello and Violin by Kari Henrik Juusela:
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Add to Cart
Chasing Karma for violin and cello (2000). apx 10min. quick and dancy, wonderful writing for the two instruments, challenging, exhuberant, full range & expression. (See/hear example)   7

KHJ3 $11.00
Violin, Cello, & Piano by Kari Henrik Juusela:
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Add to Cart
Dream Forests for violin, cello, & piano (2001). apx 12min. exhuberant, flashy playng with lyrical tunes and speedy contrepuntal accompaniments.  8

KHJ4 $24.00

Cello Solo by Liz Malys:
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Add to Cart
Idego for Solo Cello (2006). 8 minutes of virtuoso but lyrical playing, reflecting on the struggle between the Id and the Ego in each of us (See/hear example)   8 liz1 $8.00

Cello Solo by Jeff McAuley:
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Add to Cart
Three Short Pieces for Solo Cello (2002/7). 12 minutes of lyrical and folksy playing, reflecting onTurkish and jaz idioms.      Electronic Delivery electronic delivery   8 jcm1 $10.00
(sheet music)
Cello and Piano by Patrick Neher:
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Add to Cart
Triesti, suite for cello and piano (1985-88)  a very lyrical, thick harmonied, four-mvt. suite, apx. 20 minutes electronic delivery   8



Cello and Chamber Orchestra by Patrick Neher:
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Add to Cart
A Chandelier for cello & chamber orchestra (1989) SOLO CELLO PART ONLY.One mvt. in three parts, going "back in time" from contemporary to Renaissance sounds. Apx. 15 minutes   7

402 $10.00
 A Chandelier for cello & chamber orchestra (1989) ORCHESTRAL PARTS FOR HIRE ONLY ($250 per performance. Rental contract sent in advance)      402Orch  $250.00
Cello and Double Bass by Patrick Neher
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Bass Tuning and Add to Cart
For Michele, a duet for cello & double bass (1987)  a beautiful, lyrical duo, apx. 6 minutes   5  cd2 203 $7.45
Cello Solo by Haskell Small:
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Add to Cart
Suite for Solo Cello (1978). Beautifully lyrical yet virtuosic writing, very idiomatic for the cello in five mvts. (See/hear example)   7-8 HS1 $11.00

Cello and Piano by Donald Wheelock
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price: Add to Cart
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1995). Beautifully lyrical and dancy, of moderate challenge yet sounds virtuosic. In four mvts., about 24 minutes. A wonderful repertory addition!   See and Hear examples   7 DW1 $26.00

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