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Short audio (MP3) and one-page low res. graphic examples of compositions in the ISG Publications catalog:
For more detailed information, email to us. Our sheet music resolution is much better than what we can show on-line.
Last update: Aug 21, 2005

Title, Description, Recording Available:

Juste Melodie for solo double bass (1991) by P. Neher  lyrical, modern harmonies, virtuosic, 6 minutes  CD1
Sonatina #2 for double bass and piano (1984) by P. Neher   apx. 18 min, virtuosic, lyrical, polytonal.  CD1
Concert Duo for double basses (1989) by P. Neher  very virtuosic, polyphonic, polytonal, wild Cajun-like 2nd mvt, 18 min  CD1
Five Vignettes for two double basses (1994) by P. Neher Written for John Clayton. Includes jazz idioms, improv., lyrical, chorale, bossa-nova, 16 min  CD1

Ditties for Piano (Solo) by P. Neher

  Two movement samples from Ditties for Piano, a 5 mvt. work written for Tannis Gibson CD4U
The Frog Prince Continued for soprano, tenor, violin, and double bass by P. Neher  Text from the children's book of the same title by Jon Sciezka. The tale of the Frog Prince who wishes to be a frog again. Excellent for dance and children's concerts.About 16 minutes  CD1
Canons and Dances for Two Violas by P. Neher lyrical, full range, solemn to joyous. apx 11 min. Commissioned, edited and recorded by Scott Slapin &Tanya Solomon.  Eroica

Seven Romantic Songs for soprano, double bass, and piano by Giovanni Bottesini  20 minutes of beautiful vocal music with "singing" double bass obligato.  CD5

Sonatine-Etude for double bass solo by Camil Van Hulse .Well suited to the intstrument with simultaneous pizz and arco and other lyrical effects. 7 min  CD2

Fado for two cellos by Kari Henrik Juusela .Based on Portuguese "fado" music, this haunting duo provides equal challenge. apx 5 min  soon
Chasing Karma for violin & cello by Kari Henrik Juusela Ethnic sounding virtuosic duo in one movement. Lots of double stops, gliss, etc apx. 5 minutes soon
Apollo and Daphne for cello solo by Kari Henrik Juusela  A virtuosic solo (4 min.) w/ harmonics, double stops, lyric and rythmical passages soon

Suite for Solo Cello (1978) by Haskell Small  11 minutes of solo virtuosity and lyricism. Loosely based on Bach suites. Performance editing by Ignacio Alcover. 4TAY

Arcturus for Solo Cello (2003) by Sojourner Hodges  5 minutes of beautiful lyrical and sensitive composition that uses the entire range of the cello. Moderate challenge soon

Sonata for Cello and Piano (1995) by Donald Wheelock  Beautifully lyrical and dancy, of moderate challenge yet sounds virtuosic. In four mvts., about 24 minutes. Modern Romaticism. A wonderful repertory addition! Gasparo

Idego for Solo Cello (2006) by Liz Malys  8 minutes of virtuoso and lyrical playing using the entire range of the cello soon

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