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Piano compositions by Patrick Neher:
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Tattered Rags - Ragtime Pieces for Piano (2015 written for Miroslava Panayotova)  4 modern ragtimes of substantial challenge but super expressive lyricism.  9-10

419 $24.00
Looking Glass Waltzes Piano (2008 written for Hülya Alpakin)  5 waltzes of moderate to considerable challenge. Can be used individually for dance or concert performance  8-10

409 $15.00
Ditties for Piano (2002 written for Tannis Gibson)  5 mvts: "baskets, melons, rolls, infusion, steve's plate" virtuosic (See/hear examples)  7-10

406 $12.00
Romance for Violin and Piano (2015) 20 minutes of virtuosic and lyrical playing in jazzy, Gypsy, and Sibelius-like styles. 3 movements. "A big work.." says LP How, violinist 10

608 $25.00
Suite for Violin and Piano (2006) 13 minutes of virtuosic dances (3) in Middle Eastern and Jazz styles. 10

408 $21.80
The Sentinels (Trio #1) for violin, 'cello, and piano (1993)  3 Large sections in one mvt., lyrical, rhythmical, 15 min. 10

403 $30.00

 Suite "Pou Sto" for violin, d. bass, and piano (2002). Four dancy mvts. variety and virtuosity. Apx 22 min
1st Place WINNER of 2002 ISB Intl. Composition Competition


405 $45.00

Violin, Cello, & Piano by Kari Henrik Juusela:

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Dream Forests for violin, cello, & piano (2001). apx 12min. exhuberant, flashy playng with lyrical tunes and speedy contrepuntal accompaniments.  8

KHJ4 $24.00

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