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New Titles (for 2016-2017)

Patrick Neher - Symphonic Poem "Antique Furnishings" (2015) and Symphony #2 in one movement (2016) are now available for rental.

Each two-month rental includes a full-size conductor's score, parts for all instruments, and a demo CD (The Bellingham Technical Orchestra)

cat#607 $200

cat#608 $250

Patrick Neher - Concerto #2 for Contrabass and Symphony Orchestra (2016)

Another virtuoso concerto by one of America's leading copmosers of music for double bass. This lyrical, fast-pace and expressive work is unlike any concerto out there! 20:00 minutes

Comes with study score, bass part, and demo CD played by Patrick Neher and the Bellingham Technical Orchestra.

Conductor's score and instrumetal parts are available now. .

Solo part (in orch. tuning only), study score, demo CD cat#138 $28

Orchestra parts and performance score:
cat#138o $200
rental for two months.

Patrick Neher - Concerto #1 "Pop" for Contrabass and Orchestra (2016)

A quick and energetic three-movement contemporary concerto, in a very accessible, Hollywood style. 12:00 minutes performance duration.

Study score, concert score and parts are available now. Piano reduction coming soon.

Solo part (in orch. tuning only) and study score cat#137b $25.

Orchestra parts and performance score:
cat#137o $150

Patrick Neher - Romance for Violin and Piano (2015)

Though certainly romantic and lyrical, this Romance is also playful and virtuosic. In three movements, the composition hosts elements of jazz, Gypsy, and Sibelius-like styles. About 20 minutes. Written for L.P. How, violinist.

cat#608 $

Patrick Neher - Character Waltzes for double bass and piano
The latest in the series of bass and piano pieces by Patrick Neher is a short (10 minutes) set of four waltzes of professional level challenge, that are based on theatrical characters. Each waltz is a tone-poem describing a character from the theatre: Izia, Marco, Frankie, and Josephine.

Each waltz is aprox. 2.5 minutes and lyrically spans the entire range of the bass.

Only in orchestral tuning right now, but solo tuning version soon available.

cat#121 $18.00

Patrick Neher - Trio "Mimi" for clarinet, violin, and double bass. (2014/15)
Commissioned work. This composition is a 20:00 minute virtuosic and playful mini-opera, where each player is a character in a short drama about the life of Mimi, the cat. Each player must vocalize and improvise as well as play their instrument well!

Again, very good players are required. Improvisation and vocal techniques (speaking and or singing while playing) are integral to the composition.

Includes score and parts.

cat#607 $32.00

Patrick Neher - Ensemble! CD
Patrick Neher -Ensemble!
is now available. This 15 track CD includes music for bass in duet, trio, quartet and more. Program includes: Dittersdorf - Sonata in Eb for viola and bass (Scott Slapin, viola), Saint-Saens - The Swan for four basses (arr. by Neher), Neher - Unter Grun Brau Durst for bass and electronics, Bach - Two Preludes and a Fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier, arr. for basses by Neher, Vanhall - Trio "La Chasse" for basses arr. by Carolyn Buckley, Neher - Never Question Reality for basses and electronics, and Bottesini- Adagio Melanconico ed Appassionata for bass and piano, with two basses accompaniment (Suzanne Knosp, piano).

Available at iTunes, CDBaby, and here.

Also New Works By: Liz Malys, Luigi Negri, Donald Wheelock, Sojourner Hodges,
Daniel Gall, Tom Benjamin, Kari Henrik Juusela, Jeff McAuley, Jon Jeffrey Grier

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