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ISG Publications    Ensembles for Double Bass and Flute, Double Bass and Violin, Trio: Flt, Vln, Bass; etc.

by Patrick Neher:

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City Vignettes for Contrabass Flute, Double Bass and Piano (2008)
fun, jazzy and lyrical for this unusual combination. Can use bass flute if desired. Moderate challenge. Apx 13 minutes

  7-8   * 208 $20.00
Plateau Scenes (1980) for flute & bass polytonal harmonies, lyrical, lots of harmonics, apx 11 minutes.   7   * 202 $10.00
Plateau Scenes (1980/2011-trio) for flute, violin & bass composition completely re-arranged for trio of flute, violin, and bass. Same tunes and structure as the 1980 version   6-7   * 202R $14.00
Duo Eclatant for Violin and Double Bass (2004) Maximum virtuosity in three exciting movements. Apx 12 minutes. Bass in orch. tuning only (right now) 10

206 $17.50
Duo Roulant for Violin and Double Bass (2005) not quite as challenging as Eclatant and involves improvisation. Apx 12 minutes in 3 mvts. Bass in orch. tuning only (for now) 10

207 $17.50
Trio "Mimi" for clarinet, violin, double bass (2014) An attractive mini-opera-like one movement character piece, in four acts, for three virtuosic players. Each player must "be" a character in this short drama about a cat's life. Some speaking and/or singing from each player in addition to improvisation in various genres (mostly jazz-like). Commissioned work, 20:00 minutes. 10

607 $32.00

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