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ISG Publications    Compositions for Double Bass Ensembles

Double Bass Ensembles by Giovanni Bottesini:
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Duetto no.2 per due Contrabbassi  Score and Parts in new concert editing and layout, with appropriate page-turns. A popular, challenging, and fun duet.   9

gb4 $18.55

Double Bass Ensembles by Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf:
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Sonata in D for two contrabasses  Two Score/Parts are provided to perform this fun, lively, and tuneful duet. Transcribed from original in Eb for viola and contrabasss   9

KD0607 $20.55

Double Bass Ensembles by Patrick Neher
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Concert Duo for double basses (1989) very virtuosic, polyphonic, polytonal, wild Cajun-like 2nd mvt, 18 minutes (See/hear example)  10  cd1 204 $12.00
 Five Vignettes for two double basses (1994)Written for John Clayton. Includes jazz idioms, improvization, lyrical, chorale, bossa-nova, 16 minutes
(See/hear example)
 8  cd1 205 $15.00
 Antiphonal Dance for eight double basses (1995)  Very tuneful & exciting antiphonal effects.2 groups of 4 basses.  5   502 $14.00
 Danny Bass for bass sextet (or six-part ensemble)(1992)  arrangement of "Danny Boy" with "modern" introduction  5   503 $8.00
 Danny's Bass Camp- bass quartet (or four-part ens.)(1994)  another arrangement of Danny Boy written for the First Australian Bass Conference  6    504  $8.00

Double Bass Ensembles by Giovanni Antonio Piani

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Sonata no. 2 (1712) for two double basses  beautiful Baroque melodies, arr. by Patrick Neher (1998), 5 mvts, apx. 14 min   9 GP1 $10.00

Double Bass Ensembles by Teppo Hauta-aho:
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Koraalianna ­ Miniature for bass quartet (1985)  A chorale in modern style, reminiscent of Renaissance music 12 min.   7

HA1 $12.00

Double Bass Ensembles by J. S. Bach
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Invention #9 arr. for Two Basses  Beautiful arrangement of a popular keyboard invention   6 JSB1 $6.00

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