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ISG Publications    Compositions for Double Bass Solo

Double Bass Solo by Giampaolo Bracali:
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 Soliloquy for Contrabass Solo   Commissioned by ISB for Solo Competition in 2005 this work Electronic Delivery electronic delivery
explores the entire range of the bass in a mostly lyrical solo. Quite virtuosic and deep. Apx. 10 minutes
9    BR1  $10.00
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Double Bass Solos by Patrick Neher:
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Crystals for solo double bass &live and recorded electronics (2008)
very challenging modern playing with recorded electronics and directions for use of loop station and effects. 11 minutes long. Comes with CD and directions as well as musical score.

 9    120  $18.00
 Deserts for solo double bass & timed candle (1986)   staged improvization, comes with candle, 8 minutes  6    105  $3.50
 Caprices for the Contemporary Bassist(1987/8)   three short caprices in modern lyrical style, 10 minutes  7-9  cd2  106  $7.00
 Juste Melodie for solo double bass (1991)   lyrical, modern harmonies, virtuosic, 6 minutes Electronic Delivery
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 7  cd1  107  $5.00
(sheet music)
 Cadenzas (for Dittersdorf, Vanhal, & Capuzzi 1989, 2000)    virtuosic cadenzas in the classical style  8    109  $8.00
Two Serenades for solo bass (1979 and 1999)   Lyrical, emotive , pensive, playful irtuosity. Apx. 20 minutes  10   CD7 is FREE when you buy this sheet music  115  $11.00
 Etudes for double bass (1985 ­ 1996)   Includes: The Grey Area Ex., Thumbonics, Double Stuff, Cat on the Railing, more.  5-9    113 $12.00
 Reflet sur Cher for solo double bass (1996-2002) Written for David Walter. Emotional, lyrical solo w/ double stops, LH pizz  9-10  CD7 117  $8.00
 Scale Studies for Virtuosity vol.1 (bass solo, 2000) Legato scales in multiple LH patterns. Very Challenging 9-10   114  $6.00

Double Bass Solos by Sean Kelly Ball:
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 Breakfast at Patrick's (1991) for solo double bass   scordatura and "electronic"-like effects, lyrical and fun. Apx. 8 minutes  7  cd2  SB1  $5.50

Double Bass Orchestral Solos by Franz Joseph Haydn:
Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price:  Order:
  Double Bass Solos (excerpts) from Symphonies 31, 45, 6,7,8, 72  7    FJH1  $5.00

Double Bass Solos by Camil Van Hulse:
 Title:  clc:  rec:  cat#:  price:  Order:
 Sonatine-Etude pour Contrebasse Solo (1985)  Lyrical & idiomatic w/two-line extended range writing. 10 :00
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 7  cd2  CH1

(sheet music)

Double Bass Solos by Matthew Mairs:
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Rhapsody for solo bass(1989)   a "Minimalist" piece, of simple melody and variety of dynamic expression. Apx. 5 minutes.  5    MM1  $5.00

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