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 Bass Ascending vol. 1 "The Music of P. Neher"  Includes: Neher; Five Vignettes for two double basses, Juste Melodie for bass solo, Sonatina no.2 for bass and piano, Concert Duo for double basses, The Frog Prince Cont... for soprano, tenor, violin, and double bass. With the musical talents of David Murray-bass2, Robin Lorentz-violin, Grayson Hirst-tenor, Betty Allen-soprano. CD1 $10.00
 Bass Ascending vol. 2 "Solos and More"   Includes: Neher - Plight of the Bunny, Serenade for solo bass, Duet "for Michele", Duet for bass and piano, Serenade for Bass and Piano, Dirge, Caprices; Sean Kelly Ball - Breakfast at Patrick's; Camil Van Hulse - Sonatine-Etude    CD2  $10.00
 Patrick Neher - "Bass UpFront" An "All Live Recital" album. Recitals from 1991-99. Bottesini - Bolero and Melodia#2, Neher - LA's Serenade, Misek - Concert Polonaise, Proto - A Carmen Fantasy, Handel - Sonata op1#13, Rabbath - Crazy Course, and Taube. - Nocturne. All Music Recorded Live, in concert, up front and exposed. For double bass solo and double bass with piano.     CD3  $10.00
 Romantic Songs  for Soprano, Double Bass, and Piano seven songs of Giovanni Bottesini (Tutto il Mundo Serra, Canta Roberto!, Retourner a la Paix de Champs, E'il Pianto del mio Cor!, Une Bouche Aimeé, Guardami Ancor!, Un Bacio Solo) and two of Patrick Neher (Accept! and Your Eyes). Performed by Betty Allen, Patrick Neher, and Susan Knosp. Premiered at the ISB Convention in Indianapolis, June 2001  

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 Patrick Neher - "Grand Bassery!" Music for double bass and piano of: A.Desenclos - Aria and Rondo, G.Bottesini - Intro. and Gavotte, P. Neher - a Toi, Halsey Stevens - Sonatina Giocosa, A. Misek - Sonata #2, and F. Hertl - Sonata. Grand playing of some of the finest compositions for double bass.  CD5 $10.00
 Patrick Neher - Music for Dance Synthesized music for dance live performance. Styles range from classical symphonic to jazz ensemble, to contemporary duets, to percussion alone. Duration total 50:00 in 15 tracks/pieces. Average duration is about 2 minutes. Sample available upon request.


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 Patrick Neher - "Soliloquy" new music for solo double bass. Walter - Homage a Casals; Turetzky - Three Doinas for David; Proto - Lessons; Neher - Reflet sur Cher, LA's Serenade, and Serenade for Solo Bass; Eshima - If it's Tuesday it Must be Up-Bow; Wasserman - Ballet Fantasy. Encore: Neher - Improv. d'Amour (live). Over 60 minutes of music. Recorded in September and October 2003

 CD7 is FREE when you buy "Two Serenades" cat#115

Patrick Neher - "Romanze e Valzer"
Domenico Dragonetti. - 12 Waltzes for Solo Contrabass. Luigi Negri: Capriccio, Fantasia, Reminiscenze, Fantasia "Sonnambula", Capriccio "Rigoletto." Patrick Neher's recent release of Negri's five Romantic pieces and Dragonetti's 12 Waltzes, is tour-de-force of virtuos bass playing. Recorded in 2007.
Romanze e Valzer CD8 is FREE when you buy "Negri Album" cat#LN6  $14.00

"Music 4 Friends" - by Patrick Neher. New music composed by Neher for friends, via requests and commissions. Includes Suite for Violin and Piano with Emi Tanabe, violin and Hulya Alpakin, piano; Ditties for Piano, performed by Tanis Gibson; Duo Eclatant for violin and bass, with Mark Rush, violin, and Patrick Neher, bass; and City Vignettes for Contrabass Flute, Double Bass and Piano, played by Peter Sheridan, Patrick Neher, and Chanwook Park.

Music 4 Friends by Patrick Neher  CD9 $12.00
"Music for Friends, Two" - by Patrick Neher. New music composed by Neher for friends, via requests and commissions. Includes:Sonatina #3 , performed by Patrick Neher and Miroslava Panayotova; Games, a concert Sonata for Two Violas with Scott Slapin and Tanya Solomon, violists; Septembering Arms for Soprano, Piano, Double Bass and Violin performed by Betty Allen,soprano, Suzanne Knosp, piano, Patrick Neher, bass, and Mark Rush, violin; and finally Miroslava Panayotova plays Looking Glass Waltzes for solo piano. Music for Friends 2 CD10 $14.00

"Ensemble!" - by Patrick Neher. Music for contrabass in groups, assisted by Scott Slapin, violist, and Suzanne Knosp, pianist. Program includes: Dittersdorf - Sonata for Viola and Bass; Saint-Saens - The Swan arr. for four contrabasses; Neher - Unter Grun Brau Durst for basses and electronics; JS Bach - Two Preludes and a Fugue; JB Vanhall - Trio "La Chasse"; Neher - Never Question Reality for basses and electronics; and Bottesini - Adagio Melanconico for bass, piano, and two assisting basses. Neher has produced another innovative recording, utilizing techniques of "tele-recording"to produce a uniquely sonorous and playful exhibition of virtuosic bass playing. Patrick Neher - Ensemble! CD11 $12.00

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